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Sacramento County Contract & Purchasing Services Division has partnered with OpenGov and is excited to announce that in January 2022 we will transition to SacCountyEbids (OpenGov Procurement/ProcureNow), a fully automated web-based electronic bidding and vendor management system. To continue to receive bid notifications, you will want to Register for a FREE account today at, then subscribe to SacCountyEbids at​ to ensure you continue to receive bid notifications from us.

Workshop Calendar

We have combined our workshop calendar with the County's centralized calendar! See below.

Link to Business events on the Sacramento County calendar 

Incentives for Local and Small Businesses

Sacramento County spends more than $150 million in goods and services every year, and much of that is with local businesses like yours. If you have a small or local business, it pays to do business with us!  Read about our Procurement Opportunities Program and learn the ins and outs of how to make it work by attending our workshops.

Materials, Supplies, Products and Services

The Purchasing Section of Contract and Purchasing Services Division is responsible for the purchasing of all materials, supplies, products and services used by the County, and administers both contracts and purchase orders.

Construction, Architectural, and Engineering Professional
Services Contracts

The Contract Services Section of Contract and Purchasing Services Division coordinates departmental contracts related to major construction projects such as highways, buildings and other County facilities.


Sacramento County continues to conduct training classes to help local and small businesses navigate the procurement and bidding system. Details can be found under Local Vendor Preference.
County of Sacramento Contract and Purchasing Workshop Calendar





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