​Department of General Services (DGS)

The Department of General Services provides facility and fleet maintenance services for the County, as well as central purchasing and contract management, printing and scan services, interoffice mail, surplus property management, warehousing, facility planning and design services, real estate management and construction inspection and management.

General Services is a customer driven organization – our mission is provide top quality facility and fleet management, and superior support services to more than 11,000 County employees in 38 departments.

  • Facility Planning & Management includes architectural services, master planning, County owned and leased space planning, energy management, lease development and environmental stewardship of County owned facilities.
  • Facility Operations encompasses 3 maintenance districts that maintain almost 6 million square feet of County owned facilities and equipment, as well as custodial and security services.
  • Fleet Operations manages the acquisition and maintenance for 3,200 light and heavy fleet vehicles and equipment, as well as the County Parking Enterprise.
  • Department Administration includes Information Technology support, Budget development, Accounting, Allocated Cost Plan, as well as Support Services (Print/Scan services, Mail Messenger, and Warehousing).
  • Contract and Purchasing Services Division (CAPSD) is a central purchasing activity supporting all County departments, and purchases lease goods, contracts for professional services, independent contractors, and construction services.

DGS is an internal service agency that manages programs to support all County departments. As “The Heart of the County”, DGS staff provide valuable support services that ensure the other, more public, County departments can perform their missions effectively and efficiently.

Sylvester Fadal,
Interim ​Director of General Services

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